The Top Ten Ways To Get Candy On Halloween

Since today is Halloween, I will give you the top ten ways to get candy on Halloween and why these ways work.

  1. DRESS UP! If you knock on the door to somebody’s house and you’re not dressed up, then they’re going to think that you’re just there for candy ( which you really are but you don’t want them to think that, so you dress up).
  2. DRESS UP NICELY! If you dress up nicely then they think that you are darling. If they think that you are darling, they give you more candy.
  3. DRESS UP SCARY! If you dress up scary then you can show off! Especially if you tell them that it is hand made. Extra bonus: If you tell them you made it yourself. All these ways will give you lot’s of candy.
  4. DRESS UP SORT OF SCARY! If you dress up sort of scary (this is a very good way to get candy) then you can hide behind the bushes, sort of like a prank. When you see some little kids come up to the house, jump out and say the following: (Zombie) Uggh! Groan!, (Ghost) BOO!, (Witch) He he he he!, (Vampire) Give me your blood, YOUR BLOOD!, (Other) Whatever you want that matches the characters personality. The kids should drop their candy and run away. Then you snatch the candy and hide it in a bush. Warning One: Do not use this on people older then seven. Warning Two: Don’t dress too scary. Idea: If the kids are people you know, try to disguise your voice.
  5. STAY HOME! Your parents should have lot’s of candy.
  6. TALK! Tell people your family doesn’t have much money and you need candy from them to give to other people. Warning: Actually put the candy in the bowl. That way you can take some without lying.
  7. BUY YOUR OWN CANDY! Steps: buy two big bags of candy. Give one bag to your parents and tell them to use it for candy to give to trick or treaters. Take the other bag of candy, bring it to your room and put some warm pj’s on. Idea: Watch a movie too!
  8. PRETEND! Pretend that your house is the house of an old granny’s. Put a bowl outside on the steps ( I suggest a jack o’ lantern bowl) and write a note that says: dear kids, please put a piece of candy in this bowl. I have forgotten what candy tastes like. It should have messy handwriting. Warning: Only do this at your grandma’s house.
  9. DON’T WALK! Tell your parents your legs hurt and settle down to eat candy and watch a movie.
  10. HAVE A SLEEPOVER! Make sure that you have a sleepover at your grandparents. They should have plenty of candy, and since they don’t go trick or treating, you should be able to go outside when ever you want and get candy.

Fun Jokes and Riddles!

Question: I build bridges out of silver and gold. What am I?

Answer: A dentist!

Question: A king is on a cross-sea voyage and as soon as they get off their boats he spots the most beautiful elephant he has ever seen. He decides to take it home, but first, he wants to know it’s weight.

The largest scale they brought only goes up to 50 pounds. The king demands that his smartest scholar must come up with a solution or pay the consequences. After several days he finally comes up with an answer. What did he come up with?

Answer: Put the elephant in the boat and mark how far down in the water the boat went. Then put a bunch of smaller items (that weigh less then 50 pounds) in the boat until it is pushed under water the same amount. Add up all the numbers and that’s how much the elephant weighs.

Question: What tastes better then it smells?

Answer: Your tongue

Something is wrong with my mom’s computer

For some reason the internet on my mom’s computer keeps on getting disabled. If you would help, or knew something about what to do about it, that would be great. I don’t know the past code, so I suppose it is very annoying for them to have to put in the password. Anyway, if you know what to do about it, tell me. I know this was a very boring blog, and I am sorry. But it would be so helpful if you knew what to do.

The Morgan Mousse Story (still need a name people!)

The next day when Morgan went to Holler Elementary the first thing she saw was all the kids crowded around her- have of them asking about her little brother; a fourth of them asking about her; and a fourth of them asking her about Queen Elizabeth. It was just too much. After a few more days Morgan grew bored. The kids adored her; she didn’t have time for her best friend, Rachel Fringe.

The Morgan Mousse Story

Morgan Mousse kicked a pebble across the pavement and groaned. Five minutes ago she would of been the most popular girl- and the Jacob had to come and ruin it all. Jacob Mousse was her little brother. Well, I guess I’d better start at the beginning. Morgan had been doing her report on her mother, who was a descendant of Queen Elizabeth, in her second grade class when Jacob had rushed in, saying: “Morgan! Lizzy is peeing again and she needs your help!” Morgan was mortified. Lizzy was their younger sister, and being in pre-school, she seemed to pee a lot. Actually, when Jacob said that nobody listened, they were to busy saying how adorable he looked. So aside from being a descendant of Queen Elizabeth and having an adorable brother, she was pretty popular.