The Morgan Mousse Story (still need a name people!)

The next day when Morgan went to Holler Elementary the first thing she saw was all the kids crowded around her- have of them asking about her little brother; a fourth of them asking about her; and a fourth of them asking her about Queen Elizabeth. It was just too much. After a few more days Morgan grew bored. The kids adored her; she didn’t have time for her best friend, Rachel Fringe.

The Morgan Mousse Story

Morgan Mousse kicked a pebble across the pavement and groaned. Five minutes ago she would of been the most popular girl- and the Jacob had to come and ruin it all. Jacob Mousse was her little brother. Well, I guess I’d better start at the beginning. Morgan had been doing her report on her mother, who was a descendant of Queen Elizabeth, in her second grade class when Jacob had rushed in, saying: “Morgan! Lizzy is peeing again and she needs your help!” Morgan was mortified. Lizzy was their younger sister, and being in pre-school, she seemed to pee a lot. Actually, when Jacob said that nobody listened, they were to busy saying how adorable he looked. So aside from being a descendant of Queen Elizabeth and having an adorable brother, she was pretty popular.

First Blog

Nervous Nervous Nervous! Okay, literally I’m not. Anyway, I’ll tell you a little about myself, but I won’t tell you anything about my family or anything. I’ll just tell you one thing about how I look. I have brownish/ blondish hair. And glasses. (Okay, that was two things.) I love pizza and I have a younger brother and a younger sister. I won’t tell you their names. If I have to tell you a story about something I will make up names, so don’t think they are their names. Also I will make up names for my siblings. See you next time!