Thanksgiving Dinner

The day before Thanksgiving my cousins, my aunt and my uncle came over for thanksgiving.

What we did: ( the first day (the day before thanksgiving) that they came)

  1. They came in the morning, so first we had a breakfast of bacon and pancakes.
  2. My cousins, aunt and uncle, and grandma went to take a nap.
  3. Me and my sister watched TV while we waited for them to wake up.
  4. They finally woke up and they went to the store.
  5. We watched more TV.
  6. They came back and we had dinner.
  7. We watched a movie.
  8. We went to sleep (my youngest cousin (age fourteen) slept with me)
  9. We woke up on thanksgiving and had breakfast.
  10. We watched some TV.
  11. We played games while the grownups made dinner.
  12. We watched videos of people playing the piano on The Voice Kids.
  13. I read the books I wrote to my youngest cousin and my oldest cousin (age nineteen and fourteen).
  14. We had early dinner.
  15. The grownups cleared off the table while I read the rules of the ginger bread house-making contest.
  16. My cousins slept while me and my little brother set up the ginger bread houses.
  17. We made all three ginger bread houses.
  18. We called out the three awards.
  19. We played Monopoly while eating candy canes and candy off of the gingerbread houses.
  20. We begged my dad to watch a movie.
  21. We ate more candy and played games.
  22. We went to sleep.

And that’s how the last few days have been.

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