How To Get Somebody To Like You

First you pick. Are you a girl or a boy? There is one for each.


  1. If you have a crush on a boy then you do the following: First try to be his friend. Start hanging out with him more then anything else. He will soon see you as more then a friend.
  2. If he plays any sports cheer him on.
  3. If you know nothing about sports, read a book on them. You wouldn’t want to cheer him on if he accidentally scored a goal for the other team.
  4. Here is the status where you start becoming more then a friend. You move up to best friends. You hang out, but not enough to make you seem like best friends, to his friends or your friends.
  5. This is a big one. You keep your secret to you and him. You want it to seem obvious to him that you have a crush on him, but not to others.

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