Fun Jokes and Riddles!

Question: I build bridges out of silver and gold. What am I?

Answer: A dentist!

Question: A king is on a cross-sea voyage and as soon as they get off their boats he spots the most beautiful elephant he has ever seen. He decides to take it home, but first, he wants to know it’s weight.

The largest scale they brought only goes up to 50 pounds. The king demands that his smartest scholar must come up with a solution or pay the consequences. After several days he finally comes up with an answer. What did he come up with?

Answer: Put the elephant in the boat and mark how far down in the water the boat went. Then put a bunch of smaller items (that weigh less then 50 pounds) in the boat until it is pushed under water the same amount. Add up all the numbers and that’s how much the elephant weighs.

Question: What tastes better then it smells?

Answer: Your tongue

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